On-Site Custom Built Homes

Victory Homes of Oklahoma
“Building Dreams One Home At A Time”
specializes in building our famous On-Site Custom Built Homes.

Do you have Ideas that would make your Dream home really stand out?
Are you afraid that the cost to build is just to high?
Not sure where to start?
Not sure you want to tackle the headache of all those contractors calling you, bugging you, because they need to work NOW!
Well Let US  help you become Victorious!
We can help you from finding the land, all the way to getting the financing.
We’re here to help YOU! 
Victory Homes EST 2012.
Created By a couple of Life Long Friends looking to help the local community, they decided to open a new and improved way of making your DREAMS come true by opening Victory Home Building.
By employing a majority of the contractors we control the quality, speed, and cost of the building process. Controlling the cost allows us to pass along the savings to our customers, making your dream Home cost LESS.
Controlling the quality means you get the same or higher quality then MOST “so called builders” companies out there.
Controlling the speed well who likes to wait?? Neither do we!
We love what we do, and our love shows in our work!
Do not invest in a depreciating mobile trailer, or modular home when you can get a real custom home that will hold its value.  You will not only make a better investment in a home but also save monthly in utility bills with a better built produce. You know exactly what you are getting, a HOME that will hold its value, NOT trailers making them more valuable to your bank and cheaper to insure!
Give us a call or stop by and we will work with you to ensure your overall satisfaction as your home becomes a reality.

Below you will find some of our work, some of our ideas, a few floor plans, and some finished products.
Call US today so we can get you on the schedule to Building YOUR DREAM HOME! 918-212-6210


Building Dreams ONE Home At A Time.