Eco Radiant Barrier

When the metal roof option is select, we use an Astro Eco Radiant Barrier between the metal roofing and the Attic.  We use the double sided with Foil for reflective radiant barrier towards the metal roof and a White side facing inward to the attic.

So, how does Eco Radiant Barrier work in an attic?

The idea of installing radiant barrier in an attic is to keep radiant heat waves from being absorbed by your homes interior building materials such as wood framing, drywall and fiberglass insulation.  This will reduce the heat load in the attic.  In the summer, the building materials that make up the roof of your house will absorb a large amount of heat from the sun throughout the day.  This heat will be re-transmitted by the roof materials long after the sun goes down and heat naturally moves toward cold.  Therefore, if you are cooling your living space below your roof/attic, and your attic temperature is much hotter than your living space temperature, the hot air is always fighting to overtake the cool air below in your living space. That means your air conditioning unit must work harder to keep your living space at a desired temperature.  When you properly install a radiant barrier in an attic, it will keep the overall temperature of your attic much lower, allowing your living space to be cooled more efficiently.
Radiant heat accounts for up to 93% of all heat that builds up in your attic in summer months.  Learn how EcoFoil Radiant Barrier can block that heat and save you money on energy bills 

Attic Radiant Barrier Insulation

Reflective attic insulation (aka attic foil insulation) protects your home from radiant heat transfer



Use attic radiant barrier insulation in multiple climates. In warm weather, up to 93% of downward heat gain in a home is from radiant heat that penetrates your attic and seeps downward into your home, making your air conditioner run longer to keep your home cool. Likewise, in cold weather, 50-75% of your home or building’s heat loss is due to radiant heat up flow as the warmed air inside rushes out of your living space and into the cool air of the attic and outdoors. Fiberglass and cellulose insulation only slow down radiant heat gain or loss instead of stop it. Only attic radiant barrier insulation such as Eco reflective attic insulation blocks the heat. Radiant barrier attic insulation stops up to 97% of radiant heat transfer. (Read more about the science of heat transfer).

How does reflective attic insulation stop heat flow?

Model of an attic with radiant barrier insulation installed

The nearly indestructible metalized polyethelyne attic foil insulation from Eco is made with 99% pure aluminum. The aluminum in the attic insulation foil works to reflect radiant heat away and back toward the source. Pairing high quality attic radiant barrier insulation with traditional fiberglass or cellulose insulation is the best attic insulation combination to maximize the energy efficiency of your attic space. Reflective attic insulation can also improve the performance for an attic-based HVAC system. For maximum impact from installing attic foil insulation, attic retrofits are the way to go.

What makes EcoFoil attic radiant barrier insulation the right product for your attic insulation?

  • Ecofoil attic radiant barrier is durable and safe – our radiant barrier is the first to pass the ASTM E84-2009 test as a Class 1/Class A flame retardant radiant barrier. People consider EcoFoil the best attic insulation as it is virtually indestructible and impossible to tear, yet attic radiant barrier does not require special clothing or breathing equipment to install and reflective attic insulation leaves no debris behind when you insulate attic ceiling spaces.
  • Radiant barrier attic insulation is an economical addition to your energy savings strategy. Attic insulation foil iseasy to install and can be an afternoon DIY project for 1-2 people. Just cut a length of the attic insulation foil with standard scissors, roll the radiant barrier insulation over the face of your attic rafters and staple into place with a manual or pneumatic staple gun.
  • EcoFoil attic foil insulation is the most reflective attic insulation of its kind reflecting 97% of radiant heat when installed with adequate air space on one or both surfaces. What is the best attic insulation? EcoFoil.
  • Attic foil insulation is waterproof and non-absorbent; EcoFoil attic radiant barrier does not enable growth of mold or fungi (ASTM C1338-08) and pinpoint perforations prevent condensation build up in attic spaces.

Radiant barrier attic insulation – “Under Rafter” method


In warm summer months attic temperatures can reach as high as 140° Fahrenheit. The heat from your attic tries to invade your cooled living space, making your air conditioner work harder to keep your house at the desired temperature. Radiant barrier attic insulation installed under the rafters in your attic reflects up to 97% of the sun’s radiant heat away from your attic. This method of installing attic radiant barrier keeps your attic temperature lower, requiring less effort from your air conditioner. This radiant barrier attic insulation installation takes a few hours and in hot months you should see an immediate change on your energy bill. Some of the most common cities using reflective attic insulation are Atlanta, Georgia, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, Texas, Florida, and Phoenix, Arizona. Download our installation guide for installing attic radiant barrier- under rafter method.

Radiant barrier attic insulation – “Over Joist” method


During cold winter months, 50-75% of your home or building’s heat can be lost through your attic area due to radiant heat transfer. Fiberglass and cellulose blow-in insulation in attics only slow down heat transfer and do nothing against radiant heat gain or loss. Fiberglass and cellulose insulations absorb and retain heat, but will eventually transfer the heat to cooler air outside the attic roof insulation. Attic radiant barrier reflects up to 97% of radiant heat back toward the living space, keeping your home warmer and saving you on heating costs. Installing radiant barrier attic insulation is clean, quick, and easy with our EcoFoil Perforated Radiant Barrier product. Just roll the reflective attic foil insulation across the attic floor right over top of any existing insulation and and don’t place anything directly on top of it (a minimum 3/4 inch air space is required to reflect heat.) This combination is the best insulation for attic spaces that aren’t used for storage to minimize heat transfer. Download our installation guide for installing attic radiant barrier over an attic floor.
























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