Advantech Flooring

Victory Homes of Oklahoma specializes is building Rollaway Homes, also called RTM Homes, and On-Site Homes.  Unlike most builders, we use AdvanTech flooring with our engineered I beam floor joist to give you the most solid foundation you can get!  AdvanTech flooring is a very important base in the superior construction of  Victory Homes.

The AdvanTech flooring also gives you a 50 year warranty on your floor decking!  It holds up better than any other product available against moisture.  Advan Tech flooring allows our customers a quieter floor and far less chance carpet or linoleum issues.  Be sure to call us at Victory Homes, there is no job that we are not interested in completing for you.

AdvanTech flooring has been rated number one in quality year over year for over a decade!  They put it through a stiffness test, water absorption test, Edge Swell Test, as well as a Bending test and it keeps coming out on top.

Here is some information on the AdvanTech Flooring material that we use on our homes.  Once you see the difference, we believe you wont want to settle for any less either!


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