Roll-Away Homes

Victory Homes of Oklahoma specializes is building Roll-Away Homes, also called RTM Homes, and On-Site Homes.  There is no job that we are not interested in completing for you.

Roll-Away Homes (Also called RTM Homes) are houses built with quality building materials by veteran contractors at affordable prices that are meant to be moved all in one piece and set up at your location.  They are built with the latest specifications and are completed before being moved.

RTM’s are complete homes ready to be lived in.  Rollaway Homes are custom built homes for individuals who either don’t have a location determined yet, live outside of our on site building radius, or would rather see and pick out exactly the home they want now versus waiting!

Do not invest in a depreciating mobile trailer when you can get a real custom home that will hold its value.  You will not only make a better investment in a home but also save monthly in utility bills with a better built product.  With buying a Ready to Move Home, you know exactly what you are getting and can avoid the hassle of construction loans!

Like we mentioned above, there is no job that we are not interested in completing for you. Give us a call or stop by and we will work with you to ensure your overall satisfaction as your home becomes a reality.


Reasons to buy a Roll-Away Home

You can see, touch, and feel what you are getting!

Everyone on the Victory Homes Team works to keep your price low!

You can have a home fast.  No waiting!

You do not have a home builder spending your money!

These custom built homes do not depreciate like a mobile trailer!

If you buy an already built unit, you can avoid the construction loan process!

Great financing rates and terms since these are real stick built custom homes!

Multiple choices you can see and know the size will work!



Roll-Away Floorplan Sizes Offered

Basically anything 26 feet wide 72 feet long or under can be moved.

26 x 46  - 1192sq Ft            26 x 68 – 1768sq Ft

26 x 50 – 1300sq Ft             26 x 70 – 1820sq Ft

26 x 54 – 1404sq Ft             26 x 72 – 1872sq Ft

26 x 46 – 1456sq Ft             28 x 60 – 1680sq Ft

26 x 58 – 1508sq Ft             28 x 64 – 1792sq Ft

26 x 60 – 1560sq Ft             28 x 68 – 1904sq Ft

26 x 62 – 1612sq Ft             28 x 72 – 2016sq Ft

26 x 66 – 1716sq Ft

Some 28 feet wide units could be moved under the right circumstances.
















3D1872Floorplan 3D1248
























4 bedroom 1872

 Here are some of the more different floorplans we have made.  We would like to build the floorplan that best fits your needs.  Please call or email us a description of what you would like to see.  We can customize to fit your needs best!

















56 Commentsto Roll-Away Homes

  1. Rebekah Mouse says:

    Do you have floorplans you can email me and/or more photos?

  2. Robert Myers says:

    I would like to see what floorplans you have available as well.
    Also, could you send some basic pricing for building onsite?

    • Victory Homes of OK says:

      We just sent you an email with some pricing information and possible floorplans. Give us a call when you get a chance and we can go over everything in detail.

  3. Austin Lott says:

    Could you email me some floorplans and maybe some price listings.

    • Victory Homes of OK says:

      We sure can. Coming your way now. Give us a call and let us know you received the email.

  4. megan riley says:

    Could you email me some of your bigger floor plans and price list.

  5. Jake Johnston says:

    Can you please email me a list of floor plans and prices. Thank you.

  6. Steve Mayer says:

    I would like to see some of your floor plans and pricing. I am interested in an on site building of a small hunting cabin. One bedroom one full bath with shower large open area with small kitchen and prep area

  7. Morgan Lamb says:

    Could you please email me a list of floor plans & pricing?

  8. James Crane says:

    Would be interested in seeing some 4 bed floor plans and pricing for site built. Can you email? The home in Bonita, is it 4 bed and can it be customized?? Thank you

    • Victory Homes of OK says:

      The Vinita OK lot home is 4 bedroom and can be customized. The on site build typically adds about $12 a square foot for foundation etc but is based on where the location is. I will email you some information.

  9. Brandon Cole says:

    Can you email me some floor plans on the biggest 3 and 4 bedrooms both rollaway and if you build onsite on a slab please. I would like to look at both options. And a price list on those homes please. Thanks.

  10. Rebecca Tatum says:

    Could you send me some floor plans for a 3 bedroom on site build and pricing?

  11. Ginger says:

    Could you please email me some floor plans for a 4 bedroom possibly with 2 living areas? Cost also?
    Thank you,

  12. Susan Dobbs says:

    Could you email me floor plans & pricing? Looking for a 3 to 4 br Thank you

  13. Lisa Hayter says:

    I am looking for options for my mom. She is needing a 2/2 with squarr footage from 850-1000. We live in Cushing. Can you please email me floor plans and pricing as well as the moving and set up cost. She has found a mobile home that she likes but we feel the price is high for that type of home. Your prompt reply is greatly appreciated.


    Lisa hayter

  14. Michelle says:

    Can you please email me some prices for your 4 bedroom plans?

  15. Brandy D. says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could e-mail me some 3br floor plans around 1500-1600 sq feet as well as pricing. Thanks.

  16. Leon says:

    Could you please email me some 2 bed 2 bath floor plans and pricing info in the 1100-1400 sf range?

    Thank You

  17. Larry Riddle says:

    Could you send some floor plans of all the 3 bed – 2 bath homes and prices too. Thank you.

  18. Traci Jordan says:

    Can you please email me some of your larger floorplans and prices? We are looking for something with 4 bedrooms.

  19. annette swinford says:

    I am in terested 2bed 2 bath floor plans. Could you please send me some. Also what your hours of operation.

  20. Kim Rowan says:

    Please email floor plans of largest homes.
    And price per foot for Broken Arrow Area.
    Do you go as far as Shawnee, OK?

  21. kenny hess says:

    I met you at the tulsa home and garden show and am interested in a new home i have been approved for a loan of about 60,000 but almost 25 grand goes to pay for property can you help me with a house and how big of a house can i get ? Also can you send some floor plans of such i have some ideas but willing to look at some one else that has done this before. Please help

  22. Ariel says:

    Will you please email me with some pricing and 3 bedroom 2 bath floor plans?

  23. Rick Watkins says:

    Would you email me plans and pricing for approx. 1400 to 1700 sq ft?

  24. Robert Egnor says:

    can I please have a price list for as many 3-4 bdrms with as many different floor plans as possible? I am on a budget but also need space. thank you your response will be greatly appreciated.

  25. Becky Anderson says:

    Please email me floor plans for 3br 2bath rollaway with mud/laundry room with prices please.

  26. Becky Anderson says:

    I would an email on floor plans with prices for 3br 2 bath with mud room/laundry room please.

  27. melissa says:

    Would you be able to email a list of available floor plans and pricing?
    Thank you

  28. melissa says:

    Hi could you please email me a list of floor plans and prices?
    Thank you

  29. Brenda says:

    Could you please email me a list of floor plans and prices??

  30. Cody says:

    Hi could you please email me a list of floor plans and prices?
    Thank you

  31. Kelsey says:

    Could you guys send me an E-mail for 1400-1872sq ft prices? Preferably 3 bedroom and 2 bath. And possibly a price for 4 bedroom and 2 bath?

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